Sussex Wedding Venue: Open Day at Hollambys Sunset Barn

This is just a quick post in support of some of the really lovely people I was privileged to meet at the Doily Lovebugs networking event at the Hotel Pelirocco a few weeks ago. Hollambys Sunset Barn Weddings, located in Sussex near Groombridge village (see below for directions), is holding an open day this weekend on Saturday 31 March – a chance to check out a gorgeous rustic venue and a load of unique suppliers like Helen from Doily Days event stylists (see above) and Heather from Brighton Photo, whose pictures you see in the screen shot below. So many wedding venues obligate their customers to do things in a certain way – according to what’s best for the venue rather than according to what you really want.  Sunset Barn is different. It’s like a big rustic canvas that you can “paint” almost any way you want.  As you can see by the photos below, Andrew, the owner, is quite a relaxed chap and he doesn’t require that you use particular supppliers, caterers, chair covers or the like.  He makes the space available for you to fill however your heart desires – within reason, of course.


I wish I could be there but will be off traveling on the day.  If you stop by, do tell them I sent you.  Enjoy!


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