The Alternative Wedding Fair

Our first wedding fair – eek. That was yesterday in London at the sprawling Piccadilly Institute, and I can tell you – what a bloody lot of hard work.  It was a roller coaster of a day with a lot of positives – the lovely newlyweds-to-be and other vendors we got to chat with and the positive feedback on our portfolio and 3D reel / vintage Viewmaster being the highlights – and unfortunately, to be honest, a lot of negatives.  Those negatives were related to administrative issues with the show and our (veritably hidden) stall placement and that’s all I will really say about it at the moment.  But on to the happy stuff.  You can get a feel for the event from this very cool stop motion video (like modern day cinefilm) by Pearl Productions:

Oliver – amazing child that he is, as ever – attended the show with us and was cheerful the entire day despite being made to get up at 5:30am.  Here he is, modeling for me with his daddy as I test the light on the photo booth.

We ran a wedding photo booth with silly props at the fair yesterday offering free portraits to attendees so that they could try it all out.  Check out some of these fun images with said props:

What props would you most like to find with a photo booth?


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