3D Zombie Wedding

Happy Halloween, everybody!

What you see above is a 1950s Kodak stereo camera, which shoots 3D images on 35mm film and which we borrowed from the lovely Mike McLean while we wait for my new Loreo stereo lens for DSLRs to arrive from the U.S.

What better opportunity to try out a 3D camera than Brighton’s annual Zombie Walk?  Once the Zombie Walk got going, Mark and I recruited a cast for an impromptu zombie wedding on the beach and then proceeded to poke a bit of at ourselves (and at wedding photographers in general) by deliberately shooting some of the most commonly done and cliched wedding photos we could think of.  Frolicking flower girls?  (Love them to pieces.) Check.  Cheeky chalkboard with hand-lettered message?  (Fun!) Check.  Dreamy lens flare?  (Love!)  Check.  Wedding shoes?  (Why, pink Doc Martens of course.)  The wedding dip?  Check.  (L… Erm.  Note that you don’t actually see the wedding dip in my portfolio.  That’s totally on purpose btw.)

Anyway, there are two sets of images below: the ones we shot on film and the ones we shot on digital –  check out the differences between them.  I’ve just ordered a load of vintage Viewmasters, and I can’t wait to get our very own reel of 3D images back from the lab.

We’re now offering these to our clients as well.  If you’d like to have a vintage Viewmaster and reel of 3D images from your own wedding, engagement or portrait session, do get in touch!



Super extra huge thanks to our models:  Layla (bride), Tariq (groom), Adam (father of the bride), Yves (vicar), Eden and Rohey (flower girls) and to Patricia, Eden and Rohey’s mum, for letting the girls take part in our little cracked-out project.  And if you like Adam’s makeup, he’s a pro special effects make up and body artist; check out his site, Baneology.


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