Retro Styled Shoot: The Results!

For our retro styled shoot, Heather Shuker of Brighton Photo and I traveled out to the gorgeous farm in chocolate-box Amberley where Lakey-Porter Furniture and AV Camper Vans have their workshops.  The camper vans were so cute – especially with their newly rebuilt and refurbished wooden interiors thanks to Lake.  It was a super hectic day with some funny moments as all of the curious cows, particularly a one-horned bullock that I nicknamed “Satan” came over to investigate and graze in the middle of our set-up, but with help from everyone, it all came together.  Our models – Miriam Gisbey, Sam Hubbard, Lauren Barber and Timothy Sax – won their places on the shoot by posting so persistently and thoughtfully in response to our casting call, and they couldn’t have been more fun to work with.  The two you see here are engaged couple Miriam & Sam, while Lauren & Timothy worked with Heather.  Many thanks go to Ren Sullivan and Scarlet Hutchinson for their help with hair, makeup and lighting, and to Jason Denman of Arun Valley Campers and Andrew Lakey-Porter of Lakey-Porter Furniture for the location, the camper vans and for general help with everything.


3 thoughts on “Retro Styled Shoot: The Results!

  1. Wow just fab shots but where’s the retro? you guys always look like this!!!! by the way Miz did you raid my old ribbon’s from the Praise party days?????? Dad xx

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