Brighton Photography: Engagement Shoot Locations

Brighton is such a photogenic place and Mark and I are reminded every day how lucky we are to live there.  Sometimes though it can be easy to take it all the usual photography-friendly backgrounds for granted: the West Pier, the Brighton Pier, the beach, the Arches, the Pavilion, the Hove beach huts, the carousel, the Donut… I love all of these places but also find myself on the constant lookout for ideas for fresh places to shoot.  Recently I’ve come across a few locations that are still distinctively Brightonian yet fresh (and fierce and fun). I’m dying to use them for some engagement or couples’ shoots and I thought I’d share them here.  Check ’em out, above and below:


2 thoughts on “Brighton Photography: Engagement Shoot Locations

    1. Hi Christine – thanks for this. Great minds, thinking alike, all that, eh? Also, we’re super excited about working with Tim, Lauren, Miriam and Sam – super duper extra thanks for sending them our way! Miriam and Sam look absolutely amazing in the seaside engagement shots you did for them.

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