Shutterrock Promo Shoot: Brighton

On Saturday, the sun glowed, the beach was packed and all around town summer dresses flapped in a light breeze to the sound of flip-flops slapping the warm ground.  Brighton was truly a bright town – lovely conditions for some outdoor photography.  Of course, by the time the afternoon session of the Shutterrock Promo Shoot rolled around on Sunday, the light breeze had turned into a gale, the temperature had dropped, rain started to fall and the sun had been subsumed by a sky flat and grey as pavement.  Ah, summer in England.

Nonetheless, the intrepid photographers of Shutterrock carried on.  Making the best of it meant the rain turned into an opportunity to use umbrellas as props and to splash around in puddles and that the flat grey sky provided a nice even light for portraits, obviating any worry about harsh, unflattering shadows.

Shutterrock, a photography community which will hold its inaugural photographers’ holiday camp in November 2011, is the brainchild of the inspiringly energetic Jaz Ampaw-Farr, a woman with infectiously positive energy, envy-inspiring curls and the warmest of laughs. In the meantime, through Shutterrock Jaz is bringing photographers together all over the UK in a series of monthly meetups (with the help of Claudia Carter of Photography Events UK and Gary Lashmar of Marshal Gray Photography, who organized the Brighton event), with the driving idea that collaboration makes for better business for everyone.

In the end, the rain couldn’t stop it from being an inspiring day – the energy, the networking and the collaboration provided all the sunshine instead.  (c.f.  pictures of the lovely Laura Ellen Brennan of Photo Shmoto and Karlos Wayne of Karlos Wayne Photography disproving any notion that photographers don’t make good models.)


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