Brighton Argus Photo of the Festival Competition

Hello everyone 🙂

So pleased to say that my photo has made it into the top ten for the Brighton Argus’ Photo of the Festival Competition, along with some other particularly beautiful images by the super-talented Heather Buckley, James Withey and Rob Watkins.  If you have a UK phone number, you can vote for me by texting “PHOTOGRAPHY 405” to 80360.  I am grateful for any and all votes!

(I didn’t mean to cut off the images by the other finalists in the image on the left, btw – it’s just that my scanner wasn’t big enough to fit the whole newspaper page. I wish the best of luck to everyone involved!)

I shot my image while sitting in the audience for the Ladyboys of Bangkok, part of the Festival Fringe, which I attended with my sister when she was here visiting from the U.S. recently.  I went to the Ladyboys show having really no expectations, but wow, was blown away in the end, by a fantastic show with gorgeous costumes, makeup and lighting. Admittedly, the performers’ dancing was often rather awkward, stiff and offbeat, but the good-humored spectacle of the whole thing more than made up for that.  Here are a few more images from the show:


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