Newborn Photography: Hello, Oliver!

A month ago, on March 17, PhotoMadly excitedly welcomed its newest addition:  our son Oliver was born at home in our flat on the Brighton seaside.  For the first few days we were too overwhelmed, amazed and knackered to do anything much beyond gazing at “baby TV.” That part of it hasn’t changed too much, but since then we’ve started to gaze at him a bit more through a camera’s viewfinder.

Last year, I took a creative photography and visual theory course at Garage Studios with Kevin Mason.  During the course, Kevin introduced us to Noah Kalina’s “Every Day” project, for which Noah had photographed himself every day for years.  With that as inspiration, at the time Kevin was working on his “Your Life is My Vanity Project” with model Georgie Hobday, for which he photographed Georgie once a week over the course of eight months.  And now with both Kevin and Noah as my inspirations, I’ve started my own project with my beautiful son:  I’m calling it “Oliver Daily” and I plan to keep it up as long as Oliver will let me, and someday I will be able to give him a book with an amazing record of his growth.

Kevin talked in class about how repeatedly photographing the same subject changes the way you see that subject, develops your relationship with him/her and forces you to start being more creative in your approach. I find all of that has been happening, and more; I’m also starting to find myself considering different issues like context, the photos as visual diary of milestones and activities and the use of different types of photos to represent different types of moments – e.g. on the days that Oliver had his British and American passport photos taken, the passport photos will be his photos of the day.

At any rate, I’ve posted the whole set of Oliver Daily photos thus far on our Flickr and Facebook pages.  A few selections and outtakes are here.


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