Brighton Rock’ed: Vintage Photo Shoot

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       34 photographers, 14 models, 6 shops, 4 makeup & hair stylists, a costume stylist and a whole gaggle of mods:  The Brighton Rock’ed photo shoot on the Brighton seafront turned out to be an epic day of photo fabulousness.  What started out as a simple suggestion by Dade Freeman of Krysalis Photography for a casual photographers’ meet-up turned into a major event with three themed areas based on the film (film noir, 1950s, 1960s), a schedule rotation, bucketloads of gear, studio lights, scooters, costumes and props.

The shoot took place on March 27, when Oliver, Mark’s and my newly born son was only 10 days old, so Mark and I both were feeling pretty sleep-deprived for the festivities.  However, we’re hoping to give little Oliver the photography bug early, so we put him in a sling and kept him with us during the day long shoot, and luckily, the location couldn’t have been anymore conveniently located just outside our flat in case Oliver had different ideas about what he wanted to do that day.  He slept beautifully in the sling, however, while Mum and Dad got to work, with hardly anyone realizing he was there – several of our colleagues simply thought the Babasling was some sort of camera bag.

Film noir shots were pretty difficult to get during daylight hours, but I’ve posted a few results here.  Pictures from the other themed areas to come in separate posts.

Models: Cristiano Langella & Claire Morrow

SHOPS: Starfish / Immediate / Modern World Gallery / Kate & Aud / Dirty Harry / To Be Worn Again (all Brighton based stores)

HAIR & MAKE UP: The Blue Room / Natalie Lupton / Elloise India Willett & Sofia


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