The Brighton Wedding Show

Well, clearly the wedding season approaches as the wedding shows are coming fast and furious now, with at least one happening pretty much every weekend.  Yesterday I went to network and check out The Brighton Wedding Show at the Ramada Hotel, which offered a greater variety of choice than last weekend’s show when it came to the vendors involved.

I met two friendly vendors this time around whose work was particularly impressive and exciting.  Sada Ray of Flutterby Bakery, exhibiting at a show for the first time (not that you would have known it, given the loveliness of her display), makes the gorgeous cakes and cookies you see above.

Sonia Hogg, of Button Bridal, makes bespoke bouquets, buttonhole accessories, table centerpieces, fascinators and hats out of feathers, vintage jewelry, buttons and other specially requested items from brides – thus making bouquets into lifelong keepsakes – certainly a lovely alternative symbol for marriage rather than a bouquet that wilts and dies after only a short while. Currently, she’s working on one special request that has her creating one of her fabulous signature bouquets out of sweets.  Sonia’s story really resonated because she was her own first customer, having made her first feather and button bouquets and hats for her own wedding.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with Sada and Sonia in the future and photographing their beautiful cakes and bouquets along with the brides that have commissioned them.

One one final note – when I introduced myself to another one of the vendors and asked if I could take photos of their wares to post on my blog, I must say that I had an interesting experience that really drove home the difference between the way that the younger and older generations think about promoting their businesses.

The first vendor to whom I introduced myself – a lady who I’m guessing was in her 50s – declined to allow to have any photos taken for the blog because she worried that the her designs would be stolen if posted online.  The other, much younger vendors, clearly conscious of the value of social and online media  had the opposite reactions and were enthusiastic about getting photos of their work out there. Apparently – and unfortunately – the first vendor had actually had her designs stolen before so it’s easy to understand her concern.  Still, that’s a danger for any and all of us posting anything online, yet if we let it stop us from posting, in this current online-media-driven climate, our businesses may as well not exist.


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