Brighton Gardens for Engagement / Wedding Shoots

This week, Heather Shuker of Brighton Photo and I ventured out and around Preston Park to scout out some locations for wedding and engagement shoots.  While we had grand visions of blooming English gardens, it turned out we were still a bit early in the season for such ideal shooting conditions, arriving to find the gardens having not yet recovered from winter.  Nonetheless, lots of the tree branches were sporting the first buds of the season and we still managed to have a nice wander around and get a general idea of the different types of shots we could get.  The area turns out to offer a wealth of opportunities for all different kinds of looks, from fun, quirky shots to be had on the Brighton Bowling Club green and scampering from rock to rock across a pond in Preston Rock Gardens to traditional and stately countryside shots in the walled Preston Manor Gardens.

As if to confirm how beautiful we knew the venue could be, just before we left, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and fell beautiful and golden on a sensuously curving tree, allowing Heather and I both to get a few shots of each other with which to document our recon mission. Heather’s shots of 39-week pregnant me are on her blog.


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