Noah Kalina Workshop Results

Portraiture workshop class self-portrait by Noah Kalina; that's me 2nd from the left.

I attended a portraiture workshop at Garage Studios over the weekend with American commercial photographer Noah Kalina, who gained fame when his time-lapse video “Every Day“, which featured a photograph of himself with the same deadpan expression taken every day for six years, when viral on Youtube.  He’s now been at it for 11 years… (that’s Noah in the shot below being lit by a studio strobe set up and shooting out from the doorway of the studio).

Noah was super generous with his knowledge and expertise when it came to lighting and portraiture and I came away from the workshop feeling invigorated and excited to have learned some new things.  It’s amazing how even the smallest things like a slight movement of a reflector, changing the zoom setting on my flash gun or turning of a model’s face toward the light can work to make a photograph immeasurably better.  For example, in the shot below, even though we had a grey, rainy miserable day with flat lighting, Noah’s instruction that the model hold a reflector under her face just lit up the shot.







The results:










Looking forward to putting these new ideas into practice, especially for an exciting Brighton Rock-themed vintage shoot coming up on March 27.


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