SWPP Convention

Today I am recovering from a full weekend at the The Societies’ Professional Imagemaker Photographic Convention and trade show – or the SWPP for short (for Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, though there were lots of other types of photographers there too), and I have to say – wow!  While it was an exhausting experience requiring 5-7 hours of travel each day from Brighton to London – given the combination of getting to the train station, riding rail replacement bus services, super slow trains and interruptions on the Tube – I have to say it was definitely worth it.  From studio lighting workshops with Damian McGillicuddy, composition with Damien Lovegrove, speedlight workshops with Nick Adams, family portraits with Martin Oliver and marketing and business strategies with Zach & Jody Gray, my brain is still reeling from all of the amazing information generously shared by a host of such talented people.

I left the convention with a huge sense of excitement about things to come this year, and now – the next step is to start processing all of this information and putting it to good use.  Here’s a productive 2011 for all!


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