Panasonic Promotional Video

Subsequent to appearing in How to Take Stunning Pictures on Channel Five, I agreed to shoot a contributor’s video for the producers on behalf of Panasonic Lumix, who had sponsored the show.  Have just seen the results, a kind of instructional video on using scene modes and setting the white balance on the Lumix cameras during an indoor party scene.  Luckily, I have really lovely friends (Clive Flint, Juliet Greig & Bex Redwood) who agreed to be in the video with me – thanks goes especially to Dan Whelan at Add the Colour for not only being in the video, but allowing us to shoot in his cafe and holding it open late while we got it all done.  It’s very weird to see myself on camera – these days I am ever sooo much more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of it!

On another note, one of the contributors from the travel photography episode of How to Take Stunning Pictures (the one with Martin Parr), got in touch with me via Flickr the other day, and he’s posted quite an interesting set of blog entries about the experience.  You can read Robin’s diary of his experiences on set here.


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