“How to Take Stunning Pictures”

Well, I’ve just started this blog and already I’m sorely behind on posts…!

Anyway, if you live in the UK, you can check out Channel Five’s on-demand feature to see the weddings and celebrations episode of “How to Take Stunning Pictures“, on which I’m featured as a contributor.  Watch the episode here.

Adam Ruffet, the other contributor and I, have both signed on to be the photographers at our sister and sister-in-law’s weddings, respectively.  (And actually, I’m going to go help Adam shoot his sister-in-law’s wedding next month.)  On the show, we get to take a masterclass from fabulous wedding photographer Emily Quinton, shoot a staged wedding at Pinewood Studios and then go out to Devon for a weekend to shoot a real wedding.

Jo & Ty, the couple whose wedding we shot, were a dream to work with – they couldn’t have been more keen or easygoing.  All in all it was exhausting, but a great learning experience.  I’ve posted some of the pictures I shot for the show below.

This one is a shot of the couple’s daughter as she leapt for some of the confetti being thrown on them.

Had a bit of fun with this one.  I wanted to try out a shot in which the couple were wearing some unexpected expressions (inspired by some similar ones I’d seen on Flickr).

First dance…

My last shot of the night…

See the rest of the set from the wedding on Flickr.


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