Winner – European Women’s Lobby Award

I’m so pleased to announce that one of my images, entitled “Trapped,” is one of the winners of the European Women’s Lobby “My World: Visions of 21st-Century Feminism” Award.

“Trapped” is a self-portrait inspired by the photographic work of Cindy Sherman & Diane Arbus & by my readings of Judith Butler on the performance/performativity of gender.  I’ve always admired Sherman’s work for its challenging of gender roles & Arbus’ work for challenging of beauty ideas & its engagement with the marginalized.  Butler’s concept of gender as performance was a revelation to me, & I hoped, with this image, to investigate &/or illustrate that.  I chose to wear a mask in the image because of the way that masks symbolize performance.  If gender is both performed & performative, then gender roles can be the mask that we may have no choice but to wear.  In addition, the more economic & professional gains that women have made, the more stringent the demands on our appearance seem to have become.  With the increasing prevalence of eating disorders & depression among teenage girls (who are officially the most depressed demographic in the U.K.) & such a normalization of cosmetic surgery that scholars have called it a feminine moral & cultural imperative, the mask represents the only kind of face women are allowed to show the world  – smooth, ageless, indistinguishable, bland.


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